6 Ways to Bring Romance Back into Marriage

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Often over a time of marriage, love, passion and intimacy dissipate.  The reason behind is that, couple loves and paying attention when they are dating to partner but after marriage this all efforts becomes wane and they began to work hard with professional works.

Usually, it happens with all couples but consequence of this is romance get faded. As you know, without romance and intimacy marriage isn’t perfect.   Now thing is that, how to nurturing romance back in marriage? So to get more go through these 6 ultimate ways to bring romance back into marriage.

Quality Time

Whatever thing get faded such like romance, love or harmony this all are cause deficiency of time. Have you ever thought, why romance get faded over a time of marriage? You might or not, but we study of that then nothing find out than lacking of time.

Becoming caught up with daily schedules they can’t make quality time, gradually, lose touch to each other.  After the couple of years of marriage, they come on the mod of marriage where romance doesn’t alive anymore.  Now what? How to get it as the first time of marriage?  To get it back be consistent with your spouse at the first time of marriage you did with spouse.


This is one of the best ways to get back marriage as like first time.  Recall all the good and intimacy moment of your marriage, which you have at the beginning of marriage. This old memories will remind you all things, like why you fall in love? Where your marriage was, how was you happy together? Why this gets faded and helps you to reform all the things you have lost.

Improve physical appearance

This is also another ways to revive all romance back. Often over a time of marriage, couple stop thinking about appearance as they thing in dating.   Gradually, appearance get glassy and couple start taking lack interest and lack of making time together.

So get back in your old form, improve your dressing, hairstyle and improve your confidence, start to show love towards your spouse.

Love language

Love language is the best one to keep romance alive in a marriage.  Well, you live with families and kid sake of that there will be no possibilities of making too much alone, so make your love language.  Express your love feeling towards your spouse in that language – which will make your help to keep closer in crowd.


Make a weekly date night together without any distraction. That will bring you closer to each other, revive romance and bring that lovely time back which you had during courtship that will revive romance, intimacy, spark of love and integrity alive in your marriage.

Be adventure

Cause of daily routines, couple often caught up in day by day life, gradually, they come to the point where romance, integrity, intimacy get faded and couple only trapped in daily responsibility.   So go any adventure place and do something together which bring you closer together over again forgetting everything.

So these six strategies will make your help to keep romance intimacy and spark of love alive in your marriage for long lasting.

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