What Is the Best Age to Have Kids?

best age have kids
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Best age to have kids

What is the best age to have kids? This is the question which is being asked by everyone whether they are happily married couple or youth because people are more worried about their health-related issues. Another reason for asking this question is because of the lack of definite answer so many people ask it all the time, even singles. Generally, people, say 24 because they have learned from school or from parents.

So there are a lot of factors that determine the best age to have kids. The right time is about their:

  • Emotional development
  • Financial capacity
  • Social standing
  • Biological maturity.
  1. Biological factors

From the biological point of view, there is the best age to have a baby for both men and women. In men, healthy sperm starts as early as 16 until their 40’s.

Men can produce good sperm for a long time. If he lives a healthy lifestyle, then he can produce good sperm for a long time. Unhealthy sperm can lead to an increment in genetic defects and their ability to get someone pregnant also diminishes over time.

For women, the best age to have kids in their age of ’20s because, at this age, eggs are most fertile, and the healthiest. Pregnancy risks are lower at this age range. Women should take this information seriously from a biological point of view because when they reach the age of 30’s both the quality of eggs decrease and the pregnancy risk drastically rise

Anyone can still have healthy children outside the “recommended” age range. This just only answers to the question of what is the best age to have kids, biologically. You can still have a baby outside this range.

  1. Financial status

The financial status also plays an important role while deciding with your partner to have a baby or not. You have to discuss the matter of having a baby with your partner because it is the duty of man to fulfill his family needs and both should adjust their budget by removing some luxury items from their list to make a way for the baby. They should know the effective tips to be parents.

  1. Social standing

It is important to understand whether both male and female are really socially ready to have a baby because it requires a lot of love and attention towards baby as women should be ready to take leave from her office during this time and should be mentally prepared and as well as physically prepared of losing her good figure.

If you’re still in high school or college and spending a lot of your time with your friends, then it is not advisable to have kids as you are not mentally prepared because you don’t spend your time with elders so that it is important to spend time with your mom to learn how she cares for you and how you should be prepared to become mature enough.

  1. Emotional development

It is important to know the best age for men to have kids because if they are not emotionally prepared they can’t handle the stress of being a father and husband. Traditional families give less importance to giving time to play golf, to go to late night parties, etc. Giving up those stress relieving activities is not limited to a few weeks or months. It’s years.

If a man can handle this then man is at the right age to have children. The best age for women to have kids is a bit more complicated because women have to think about having a safe delivery

It still leaves the question of who will take care of the child when both parents are at work. If a mother can take the decision of giving up their career to raise children then they are emotionally ready to have kids.


For women, the age of having a baby is before 30 and she should be financially, emotionally, and socially ready. The same goes for men, but the age is before 35.

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