Effective tips to be a great Parent

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Becoming Parents is a great experience of life, but a thing isn’t to stop here, there are millions of people become parents, in fact all, but becoming great parents is a great purpose of life.  Just look back at yourself, when you were a child, what kind of parents did you want thereafter you will clearly know- what you have to do?

Unfortunate, people have thought that child born improper and we have to correct them.  Which is not true?  What does means of improper, that child can’t enjoy or he is the worried sake of something, this is why they need proper guidance?  Certainly no, when we look towards parents and child then the children below 10 years are more joyful and on the other hand parents who don’t know how to handle their offspring?  Then who one need a consultant, so to become great parents, you have to set some criteria.


  1. 1. Evaluate yourself

We can’t go effective works and become a great one, until; we can’t evaluate self and put self in other one’s situation.  If you were 5 years old- what you expect from the person and what would you like and look up the.  You have to treat to your child as you were expecting from your parents. You should give sufficient time to your child.

  1. Create the right atmosphere

You already have a child, you know, which atmosphere should have been for a child, loving, creative and invigorating atmosphere.   You have here before then your child- you know very well, which type of atmosphere you wanted.   Your child entered in your life- it’s time to learn not about teach.

What you know about life and the world,   make them conscious, your child don’t know anything about worlds.  How to survive because children’s don’t even know, what is dangerous? What is nice? If you ever go through any horrifying situation then you have to make learn to your children, then your children will able to make joyful life even in a dangerous situation.

If you want your children to be better than you then, then you have to keep integrity, because, in any situation, they will go, they can sustain themselves.  But don’t try to teach that thing, which you couldn’t follow,   along with the way, they will see your words and behaviors, it should be matched with you. So try to create a loving and vibrant atmosphere that will fine for your children.

  1. Skip stuff of toys, climb a tree

Mentally and physical grow-up of the children, simplest way to take them towards nature,  where they get everything, flowers, an insect of flowers and everything is exciting.  But most of the parents buy lots of stuff of toys and threw it in children room, children play with stuff only and parents go for a party. This is not a great parenting.

There are millions of dollars are spent every year of the toys stuff. Only 10% of the people do not believe in stuffing and take a child out of nature.  This is the reason; ninety percent of a child is suffering from lack of mentally and physically.

To grow up a child, you have to take a child out of nature, play with them, walking with them somewhere, and swimming such like thing, make help to grow child mentally and physical too.

  1. Child is not project

Often, many couples think that, after getting marriage, at least one child should have. You have to know, a child is not a project, if it will do good then okay if it will not good then okay.  You are creating your next generation; it should be one step ahead then what you are. If you do not aspire your child towards work, then you should not have a child.  What will when your child likes you, nothing more?

Those, who are thinking about the child, they must sure about dedicated times for them because for making the next generation more eager and better than, who we are.

You should have to be a kind of person, who can love to children, make a time for them, and always get eager to make teach them new things.  You must be a love and caring kind of person.  If you really want to bring up your child well then you must see yourself and experiment at once.  Just relax and sit down and see what it good and what is good for them, what would be good for their life not to the world outside. If you will get that point then you would handle your children with wisdom and become great parents.

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