Effects of Screen Time on Your Marriage

Effects of Screen Time on Your Marriage
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It is very essential to have communication with your partner and this can be done through mobile. There are some social networking sites through which they can talk like Whatsapp, Facebook and many more. So, screens set the way of our relationship with our partner.

The screen helps you to get connected to your partner but you both started to miss your valuable time together. Mostly you are stuck to social media, news feeds, or a random video. Our devices are our main sources of comfort and entertainment.

In the evenings, when sometimes you have the chance to meet with your partner, you don’t do because you are so much engaged in our phones that we miss the chance of spending time with each other.

Nowadays people have their focus on phones rather on their partner. It is easier to focus on our phones rather than our partner. Reasons could be any like you don’t want to talk with your partner because you had a fight with him or her.

For a healthy relationship, it is important to put down your phones away and try to spend time with your partner

The more we focus on our phones rather than each other, you both will get away from each other.

Here are 3 benefits of putting away our devices and engaging with our partner every day

  1. Try to create a connection with your partner

In every relation, it is necessary to communicate to that person’s face to face as it shows your expressions, gestures to that person which is meaningful for him or her. In marriage also the same connection must be there with your partner to improve your connection.

When you will try to communicate with your partner and do eye contact with each other, you will feel more connected. You will make him or her happy while doing this as it shows that you are valuable and interested in talking with them. As well as it makes your marriage long lasting.

You will strengthen your connection with your partner when you engage in important conversations and actions, without any distractions. When you put your devices away and interact with your partner, you will feel emotionally closer to them.

Your partner may want to get physically closer to you by holding your partner’s hand and by getting intimated with him or her to improve your relationship.

  1. Try to have fewer disputes

One of the reasons for having a dispute with your partner is not paying attention to your partner’s talk. Lack of interaction with your partner can lead to huge fights among them. Your partner may become disturbed while you are distracted by your phones.

We may hear what our partner is saying but can’t fully listen when we are distracted. As a result, fights can happen. Devices can keep us away from hearing and understanding our partner. So, to avoid have phones around you while having a conversation with your partner

  1. Increased happiness

To increase happiness in one’s life it is necessary to interact with him or her, the same happens with a married couple. To live in a happy married life it is necessary to interact with your partner. Both of you will feel more connected to each other.

You and your partner will feel more connected because when you will show that you are interested in talking by putting your phone away.

It is okay to use your devices these matters like for completing office work or talking to family or relations, but it is good to communicate that to our partner.

So it is important to give priority to your relation and should spend quality time with your partner by sitting beside him and interacting with each other. Your relation will get filled with happiness.

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