11 Things Every Couple Should Stop Doing

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Marriage is like a plant which requires lots of attention and care of both the partner. It is a genuine commitment to couples to dedicated whole life together with integrity and honesty.  Once a while, sake of having busy schedules couples can’t reach out their commitment as they did with a spouse.

In daily life, many of the couples get apart to each other and fill divorces cause of having a deficiency of communication, lack of proper attention, conceals things from a spouse, this is why marriage turns towards divorce. If you are in this queue, your marriage is not going healthier then you should stop doing thing in marriage which is address below.

Deficiency of attention: – As we discuss above, marriage takes lots of works and attention.  If you are talking to your spouse during playing video games or watching TV then that thing will make your spouse high temper and might be crisis grow up. So give your partner full attention.

Trapped in past: – The Past has gone.  Now you can’t change it anyhow.  If you will strive to entangle in it, then it will only ruin your relation.  So you don’t have to trapped in past.

Compare to another: – As we all know, each and every person have different thinking as well different perspective along with every relation has different issues. So you don’t have to make mistakes to compare your spouse to another one.

Do not accept difference: – as we know all people have a different perspective about a relationship.  It not necessary that you and your spouse both have the same thinking, so to be in healthy relation, you have to accept a difference of your spouse. After all, they are your better half.

Conceal things: – you and spouse both put efforts to make the relation work healthy for long lasting and your spouse has to know everything about you, whatever it is major or minor. So you don’t have ever tries to conceal things, in fact, you have to clear all things to rapidly get overcome it.

Lower priority:  – Often, over a time of a marriage relation priority to each other becomes less and consequence of this is a lack of affection.   No matter, how long you are in marriage relation; you always have to respect and give priority to your spouse.

Offering Criticism: – Relation work when both the individual are happy to each other and have a genuine feeling for each other. If you will criticism of your spouse then it will lead your marriage towards separation quickly.

Nagging One Another: – Nagging is another worst habit that can make marriage relation badly and painful. It’s okay to ask anything with your spouse but if you are not getting as you want to hear then you don’t pressure on your spouse repeatedly.

Refuse to compromise: – To make Marriage work optimally, couples need to have a compromise. But if you will refuse to compromise then, how would long your spouse do alone.  So you shouldn’t have to refuse to compromise, in fact, you should have to be supporters of your spouse.

Competing against each other: – Relation is not competitions between two people, in fact its partnership so you always get ready to make help of your spouse on the point which your spouse wants.

Stop compliment with each other: – To grow relation more and more and keep harmony alive in a relation, often you have to compliment to your spouse.  That thing will make your help to keep love alive in your marriage.  If you will stop to do then love, harmony and affection will fed-up from your marriage.

So these are the thing, you should have to conscious about it and should avoid to do, to keep your marriage healthier and strong for long-lasting.

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