4 Things Every Wife Desires From Her Husband

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Today’s too many take marriage like a basic need, mean they get marry but forget their duties and responsibility, they actually, don’t know what does mean of a husband.

Today’s we are going to tell you what indeed means of a husband.

Although, every marriage is different and different ways to survive harmony but some things still same which every woman desires from her husband.

Integrity, consistent and open communication

Open and integrity communication is most important in a marriage to survive and make it healthier for long lasting.  Your spouse is not a mind reader, so don’t expect to know that what you are feeling and thinking.   Be willing to put down your phone and stop active on social media and communicated with your wife effectively. Never ever tries to hide things from her. Whenever suspect occurs then clears out on that time, Make high-quality communication, so that, your wife doesn’t hesitate to share her opinion and thinking whatever she has, with them.

Quality time

Almost of the marriage broken down because of deficiency of time, time is the currency in a relationship. Love to your wife more than you love career, job, and money.  Lacking of time will bring suspect and misconception in marriage and as you know misconception often leads marriage toward worse, therefore, as much as possible you have to make quality time with the wife.

It’s not that, your wife is talking with you consistently and you take all in lightly, in fact, you really don’t want what she is talking about?  You get busy with video game and in mobile.   When you take the time to your wife, you have to put your phone down.


You are the one who wipes tears of your wife, not the one who cause of them. Your wife is your responsibility.

Developed the disciplines because of that your wife will feel safe outside and inside of the home, encourage to her so that she can fight from an enemy, for family and keep secure your relation.

Appreciation to her

You might know very well, woman like her appreciation most along with her often like appreciation from her husband.  Here we are not talking about beauty.  Here beauty is about integrity, compassion, grace and affection towards kids and family members.

So appreciate to her and give her reason to make fall in love with you over and over again.

Give a reason to pride on you


Every girl has a dream to get marry with worthy husband.  When you get married and her pride on you then, then it does, that you are one of the luckier husbands.

So let’s show love and affection towards you wife and become a world best husband and take care of her for life long.

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