5 Things that Make Your Marriage Decision Wrong

5 Things that Make Your Marriage Decision Wrong
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You often hear that the relationship does not last long in love marriage. If you are also confused about how your partner will behave with you after marriage and whether your marriage will be successful, then we are telling you some important things.

Confused about marriage

If your partner ignores or gives a cold response when it comes to marriage, then it is the first sign for you that maybe he is not ready for marriage or he has some problems. In such a situation, if your partner’s problem is family and relatives, then both of them together find a solution to this matter. But in a love relationship, if your partner uses you every now and then and then shows anger on the matter of marriage, then there are full signs that he cannot be your future. If someone loves you, he/she likes to be with you all the time.

frequent interruption and monitoring

While it is good to be possessive about your partner at times, if he starts getting jealous about your lifestyle, it can also eclipse your dream of a happy journey in life. If your partner wants to call every moment to know what you are doing, with whom you are with, etc., then after marriage their suspicion may increase further. Well, this can be a way of showing and expressing love, but at the same time it is also a sign of feeling insecure about you in the relationship. Overall, if this sign is seen, then definitely think once before marriage.

if you both think differently

Often people choose partners just like we are. Sometimes the profession of both may be different, language and customs may be different but there will definitely be some similarities in their thinking and choice. If your partner repeatedly asks you about your makeup, your clothes, friends, etc., then it is a sign that both of you have very different thinking. If they do not like your profession or do not understand your words often, then love problems can increase in such relationships after marriage.

Trouble with friends and relatives

We choose friends but we cannot choose relatives. Generally, friends with whom you like very much and relatives who are very close to you, if your partner has problems with them, then this problem can increase more after marriage and cause husband wife problem. It is okay to have some differences with the partner’s friends and relatives, or it is okay to advise them to distance themselves, but it is not good for the relationship to force you again and again, especially when they are not wrong. .

to taunt or be annoyed

If your girlfriend constantly taunts you on your looks, your behavior and your character flaws/characteristics, then there is a possibility that she will not give up this habit even after marriage. Apart from this, some partners get angry on talking to you, and stop talking for several days. A good partner likes you just as you are. If his attempts to change one of your habits, which are not bad, are bothering you now, then you need to rethink your decision. After marriage, such problems have been seen to increase.

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