What are the factors that lead for couple separation?

What are the factors that lead for couple separation
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There are several marriages that lead to separation. It all depends on the couples that how they handle the issues that arise in their married life. In marriage separation marriage is referred to the phase when one partner moves physically away from the other partner but still tied in the knot of the marriage in the legal union. It cannot change the marital status. In simple, we can say that this is the phase where the couples chose the separation instead of facing husband wife problem.

Below mention are some of the factors that lead to separation:


It is considered as the main reason for the separation in the marriage. It happens because of the lack of loyalty or because of dishonesty. It can be also because of the extramarital affair of the partner. Several reasons arise in the marriage life that makes the partner get involved in the extra marital affair.

Financial Problems

If there has a lack of money or financial problem then it is also the reason for the dispute in the family. Money plays a crucial role in the reason for separation or we can say breaking up in the marriage. such as one partner is a saver and the other partner is the spender.

Less Communication

If there has been a lack of the effective communication in the marriage then it can leads marriage into the frustration and it may cause for giving the birth to the resentments. Due to the weak communication among the couples, it affects all the aspects of the marriage.

Frequent Arguments

There are several topics in which partners disagree with each other. It can be on the daily routines, kids, and about the dinner lunch. It is also considered as the major point for the death of the loving relationship.

More Expectations

In the marriage life, you both need to understand that your spouse is also a human being and they can also make mistakes. On the other hand if you are not getting the solution to deal with the problem then consult a famous astrologer in the world. If you are having the impossible expectations from your partner then it can cause difficulty.

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