How to Get Marriage License

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Marriage – Marriage is a beautiful phase which arises in everyone life. When the two Person comes together and commits to staying happier in a marriage relationship. Marriage time is pretty much feeling which couples felt and that never comes again in their life, both celebrate this wonderful moment together, their parents and relatives as well. During that awesome moment, all of us often forgot to do one of the crucial things, which are the marriage license. Yes, it is a very important thing which should be happens in a marriage for couple’s happier and lovely future.

Marriage license – Marriage license is one of a crucial part of a marriage. It is a legal confirmation of marriage. Before or during other preparation of marriage, apply for a marriage license is also necessary because it takes times according to in which state people are getting married. They both get the marriage license before marriage. A marriage license is all about paperwork and a legal confirmation that show you and your partner are married and that provide freedom to stay together in between society any restriction and issue.

A marriage license is only paperwork but sometimes it plays a big role. Some states take a lot of time and another state gives in a few days. So after the engagement, when the couple goes together to apply for a marriage certificate, in the period between the engagements and marriage, couples get the marriage license. This is one of the crucial things for married couples.


Requirements are depended upon the state in which they are getting married every

States have their own rules and regulations according to their state and marriage couples have to follow their own state rules and regulations in which they are getting married.  But in every state, the basic requirements are compulsory that the couples have to follow in every state.  The couple should go together to the county clerk to fulfill all the requirements of the state the county clerk is responsible for filling the vital records or important documents related to a specific county’s population, including birth death and marriage certificate.

Steps for how to get the license

Documents:  The compulsory documents which are needed for identification, driving license or a passport or date of birth certificate.

It is not really a complicated process, but it seems so since the laws vary so greatly from state to state.

Aged to be pass:  The most important thing is that they both should pass the age above of eighteen years old to get the marriage and for a marriage license as well.

They both should be an adult and have the understanding between them to know each other and stay happier together forever.


The couple should be their applicant’s identification, necessary paperwork, fees and one-time blood test result to the county clerk.

There is a waiting period of getting license depending on their state, this is about your partner is accepted by your state laws.


The couple should have their two witnesses to show them and sometimes the newly weeds couple should sign the marriage license or the house members of both also have to sign the marriage certificate.  All the formality has done under the county clerk’s office when it is done the marriage license is returned to the county clerk’s office. The marriage license is either mailed or picked up by the couple.

It is also necessary that the destination is known to the county clerk’s office and it should be kept in mind that the waiting period in which state they are getting married is how many days to be valid:

Without getting married license you are not officially married.  So it should be compulsory to go to the county clerk or to find the number of the county clerks to meet him and start the paperwork for a marriage license.

Benefits of Marriage Certificate

It is a very important document for applying for a passport or opening a bank account. It is helpful in obtaining visas for both husband and wife. A marriage license is required for going to abroad for a honeymoon for a newlywed couple. So it is compulsory to show the marriage certificate or marriage license in foreign embassies or out of India do not recognize the traditional marriage. In this case, the marriage license is to show for the identification.  The marriage certificate is an official statement that two people are married it is a legal proof that you are married and the most vital document of a marriage. It is a really crucial thing for the a couples.

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