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When we get marry to someone special, obviously, our relation work optimally, After all, we’ve in love with our spouse.  Before marriage and after marriage, we’ve had too many people’s and relatives share the best advice and share their life experience with us which has helped to survive marriage in rock road.  All married couple has a different point of view about the relation, along the way different advice to survive a relation.

I’ve gathered too much advice from people which is best ever marriage advice for survive relation from crisis and conflict.  I am glad to share those principles of relationship, which will make a change big in your marriage, which will definitely positive.

Love to each other: – Love is feeling along the way it commitment.  No matter whether situation your marriage is going struggle or good moment. Never give up love.


First Priority of spouse: – Time/ Priority make change your marriage either in bad or good, it depend on you how could you survive it. Time is a currency of a relationship, so consistently invest it and give priority to your spouse.

Always answer the phone: – Whenever your husband/wife makes a call you, try to answer the phone instead of disconnect, and try to keep your phone away from you, when you both are together.

Compatible with people: – There are two kinds of people; first is the one, who will strengthen your marriage and the second one is, who’ll tempt you to compromise your character.

Accept difference: – Everyone has a different point of view about the relation, this is why, sometimes, something went wrong cause of that mismatch occurs. So don’t start an argument and willing to accept difference of your spouse.

Endorsement to each other: – Marriage is about two strong people, when one of the partners feels weak then another one turn to being strong for each in the moment. So you should also have to be strong when your spouse feels weak and compelled.

Importance: – You both get together and compromise together for make your marriage work.  So you should give importance to your spouse than other people.

Don’t Compare: – As you know, all people is different than another and all that their own style to deal with ups and downs.  So you don’t have to compare your relation/spouse from another one. All are masterfully unique.

Don’t keep secret: – In marriage, you both have equal rights, whatever goes in marriage; you both have to know about it.  Just suppose, your spouse strives to conceal something you then how would you feel, Of course, you will not feel good then why you don’t apply this thing first on you.  In essence, you don’t have to conceal things from your spouse, especial when a thing is important.

Never lies: – Trust is a foundation of marriage along with, it backbone of marriage too.  If you will lie to your spouse then you can’t survive your marriage, not at all. So it’s better to have kept apparent all things from your spouse.

Apologies for mistakes: – Almost people make mistakes, its human tendency, but if you will start arguing on mistakes then it brings towards worse. So you should apologize for your mistakes whatever you did.

Forgiveness:- When your husband/wife make mistakes or break your heart then you have to forgive then instant,  by which your spouse rebuild trust of you and might be they again wouldn’t make mistakes, which will hurt you.

Be Endurance: –   To make a marriage work long lasting, you should have to keep endurance, in all situations either worse or good.

Encourage your spouse: –   you should always encourage your spouse, whether in the field they are going on.  Avoid showing below your spouse in front of another people’s.

Respect of your spouse in public/private: – Never ever talk badly with your spouse, never talk badly about your spouse to other people and protect them at all time and in all places.

Present your spouse on a special date: – To keep a spark of love alive in marriage, you have to make present your spouse on a special date because of that, your marriage always will be spice up and romance will never get glassy in relation.

Prayer for each other: – Strong marriage requires the support of each other as well affection and blessing of god too so let’s prayer for your spouse.

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