What are the main reasons for couples fight?

What are the main reasons for couples fight
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In any relationship, minor quarrels or quarrels are natural. It is also said that fights only tell that your relationship is alive. But when you start taking the test of the survival of the relationship again and again, that is, when the quarrels start increasing, then the relationship is in danger.

You must have noticed that when we fight with people close to us, how many poisoned arrows we shoot or face. Sometimes the things said and heard during that time are so heartless and hurtful that for once it seems that why are we in this relationship at all. Those things said during the debate are not forgivable. If there are frequent fights in your personal life too, try to identify their patterns. The good thing is that we can avoid this kind of toxic debate by recognizing the patterns in the fight. Let us know about those five sharp weapons of quarrel, from which your relationship can be safe only by keeping a safe distance.

Conflict involves hatred

If you partner despises one partner during the debate, then understand that there is no sense of mutual respect in the relationship. Whereas mutual respect is the only thing that works to strengthen the relationship. Not taking the partner’s words lightly or listening to his words are such signs of disdain.

This type of pattern is visible in the fight of couples who have forgotten to praise each other. Make small things an issue. Consider each partner’s work small by getting solution of love problem.

You both start criticizing each other, not arguing

Everyone has a tendency to criticize. We can find fault in even the most beautiful thing in the world. When we allow this tendency to take damages to flourish in our relationship, we tend to fight according to this pattern. A little criticism doesn’t matter, but when you have words attacking the other person’s self esteem in every sentence, then damage is bound to happen in the relationship. Criticism dissolves negativity in the relationship.

You get defensive while arguing

Keeping defending yourself is also a big problem in relationships, whether you do it for yourself or for someone else. Often when people realize that they are wrong, they adopt a defensive approach during an argument. Instead of admitting their mistake directly, they start arguing to prove themselves right. Sometimes these arguments even reach the level of sorcery. What could have ended in a few minutes, gets stretched for a long time. This defensive approach of yours may work once or twice, but you lose its usefulness by using the same weapon over and over again.

You Both Close The Dialogue

To avoid any kind of unwarranted argument, people resort to closing the conversation. They believe that neither there will be talks nor there will be fights. That is, they pull an invisible wall of indolence. But this is a very wrong approach. People like to express their feelings when they are sad, but some people just stop talking. In such a situation, the other partner keeps on guessing that what exactly went wrong? Many couples face husband wife problem because of this, because if feelings do not find a way to express them through dialogue, then the bitterness increases.

Prove Oneself Poor

The desire to prove oneself to be poor or miserable during a quarrel is very natural. If you always make yourself feel helpless or a victim, then somewhere you satisfy your ego by making the other person feel self-inflicted. Make the person in front of you realize how bad, ruthless and proud he is. Often people of gimmicky personality play the victim card to prove themselves poor. But this game is not fair at all.

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